Healthcare is Human Right & Everyone has the freedom to live without medical debt.

12+ Years Journey of Humanitarian effort continues...

We believe Healthcare to be a Fundamental Human Right that is required to understand and exercise all other human rights. In the last 12 years, we have successfully executed various projects under our Healthcare focus area and extremely happy to share that we Treated over 120,000 + Out Patients Treated Economically Weeker Section of the Society With Help of 100 % Volunteers Support & Zero Money.

-Dr. Sunil Kumar Hebbi

Out Patients

85,000 Out Patients Benefitted, counting...

Mobile Doctor Clinic Project

750 + Free Multi-Specialty Health Checkup Camps.

Patients Counselling

1200 + Patients Counseling Service Provided.

FirstAid Training

20+ FirstAid Training & Awareness Talks.

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